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If you are looking for the cheapest possible web site hosting plan, please look somewhere else. We are not focusing on price alone.  We want to be a good web site host for the money, but hey, we gotta EAT, too.  So do the people that keep our servers running!

We would love to handle the technical details of your web site if you want us to do so. If you want, you can get as technical as you want.

Technical specs: All plans feature “CPanel” control panel, real POP3 e-mail accounts, statistics, Front Page Extensions, real FTP access, Custom Error Pages, Password Protected Directories, Web Tools, and a history of 99.9%+ Network Uptime.

We absolutely prohibit the sending of SPAM e-mail from any of our accounts.

Plan Name, Price/Month

Disk Space

Max. Traffic/Mo.

POP3 E-mails

FTP accounts


70 MB

2,000 MB




100 MB

4,000 MB




250 MB

6,000 MB




1,000 MB

10,000 MB



If you require more e-mail accounts, but less disk space, we are confident that we can work out an agreement.  For example: if you can get by with the disk space and traffic limits of the “Cheap” plan, but need more than one e-mail account, but less than the “Decent” plan’s 10, we can add more than one e-mail box for somewhere between the price of the “Cheap” and “Decent” plans.  That is merely an example. For a quote, please send an e-mail message to us

Be sure to go over and agree to our Terms of Service, on our Legal page.


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