Why Us? / About Us

Web Sales Plus, Inc. has been providing quality computer consulting since our founding in the early 21st century. Our experience(s) with computers go back to the late ’70s.  It is our mission to take care of your computers, so you can take care of your business!

We want to be your

  • Part-Time Computer Guy(s)
  • Part Time I.T. Department 
  • Web site host
  • Web site designer
  • E-mail host
  • Your Go-To destination for computer solutions.

Why? Facts

  • Most smaller companies can’t afford a full-time computer department, or even a “computer person.” They don’t NEED one, usually.
  • Some companies may use computer consulting firms when they need computer help.  Until they see that most computer consulting firms want to charge hourly triple-digit dollar amounts, or they want to charge for a big block of hours, and so on.
  • Web Sales Plus rates are much more reasonable. Call us at (219)-678-2528 or send us an e-mail message for a quote.



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